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Tutorial NPCs

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This is a complex one for sure. I have some thoughts now and will doubtless have more later so this may be an ongoing thing I will keep adding to.

First out of the gate, trying to do full conversations in a two word parser is virtually impossible as far as I know. So, for now at least, let's rule that out.

[EDIT] Actually I have an idea for a simple conversation but I need to work it out to provide a concrete finished example as it would be too hard to explain without a reference file. I'll work on it [/EDIT]

However, giving things, poking, prodding, hitting, moving, examining should all be manageable. Essentially you can get a start on this again from the revealing hidden objects post. Just use your NPC as the thing hiding the objects and reveal or swap them.

I would probably just have the NPC in the location description for the player to take notice of but if you actually want him as an object you could maybe do some literary sleight of hand and have the Item be "Soldier called Ralph" so that "There is a Soldier called Ralph here". I know it's not ideal but if the clunky wording doesn't offend you too much it could work. Crazy

One advantage of having the NPC as an actual Item would be you could move him around the game with the Status and Event tables and some suitable Messages.

This will become much easier when I add CREATE [ItemID] AT [LocationID] in the next update but it still requires some planning.

You can also do it through counter values and messages - dedicate a counter to his position and map out some values 1 = Loc 43, 2 = Loc 45 (or just flat out use the Location ID) etc and then have Status entries to print out messages dependent on the current location and the counter value. It's probably one of the most complex things to do and I advise you working it out on paper first.

It would go something like this using counter #1 (untested):-

AT 45

EQ 1 45

MSG 15

Where MSG 15 would be "The tin soldier is standing to attention in the center of the room."

You would need an entry for each room he could potentially appear in.

Hope that helps for now.