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Tutorial Game Introduction or the "Entrance Hall" mechanic

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I'm going to describe how to preface your game with some introduction text before entering the game proper and then at the end I'll give a brief simplified explanation of the reason why we do it this way.

Location 2 is the start and so the first text the player will see, your introduction should go here. Enter the location description for your actual start of the game proper into Location 3. Set just one movement of whatever direction from Loc 2 to Loc 3. do not set any movements back to Loc 2.

Your intro may say something like this"-

"Welcome to Muddsly Manor! Something has gone horribly wrong here and it is your job as Inspector Savage to find out what. Travel to all the rooms of the manor and examine everything you can find. Once you step inside there is no turning back. You won't be able to leave until you solve whatever mystery lies within these walls.

Go North to step through the main doors and begin your adventure."


This way allows you to have your intro as a full location and you don't need to rely on a special event or game status to trigger it.

The reason that is important is that behind the scenes the Event and Status tables are scanned and fired AFTER the player submits input. When the game starts there has been no player input and so as the game writer you can't do anything other than present the literary info text or the first location.