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Question TAKE vs GET

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I noticed in my little test adventure, I could "GET" items, but "TAKE" did not work. I thought perhaps I had messed something up, but I checked out the player that comes packaged along with the program and it has a complete build of the tutorial adventure. The same issue applies. "TAKE" does not function. I see it listed in the Vocabulary tab so I get the impression this is an error. 

Am I doing something wrong? Is there an intended difference between TAKE and GET?

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Internally there is a slight difference in the code that does an auto GET without you adding anything to the Event Table and the special pickup GET. 

To make IFAC scan the synonyms table change your item to be Special Pickup and add the GET [ITEM KEYWORD] (or TAKE [ITEM KEYWORD] and DROP [ITEM KEYWORD] to the Event table. In the sample adventure you will see that you can TAKE the LED Light because it is a special pickup item

I will add TAKE into the fixed interpreter table on the next release to make this better.

Thanks for letting me know about this